July 29

Every song is more songlike–

the cloud’s coloratura above
the lake, birds

carrying fish
gripped in feet like

good luck charms,
for some at least, life

it gives and takes,
a talon or a hand

is just one sort
of cage,

these gnats form another,
atomic cloud

-like above lily pads,
the water dark and slack

but for slow bubbles,
small spheres, trapped

air returning to air,
entropy, natural order,

beauty, everything
in concert, live, and direct–


July 27

Bird Song #2

Passerine birds have
perching feet, all songbirds

are passerines–
I was unsure at first,

feeling more a tinamou,
penguin, or skua

in worst moods,
but having lit

upon this branch
and begun to sing,

I would now need a beak
to hide this grin,

even in flight
I am calling, look, look

just what the years
have taught me after all,

three toes forward
one toe back–


July 26

Everywhere, now, I see

the maple branches
under summer’s half

-done sun, the sun’s
rays themselves,

every airy exhalation,
the personified breeze,

all momentous acts,
or acts of momentum–

of course this isn’t what
Heisenberg meant

when he wrote
about uncertainty

but I could be

I wouldn’t care,
the principle stands–

I know where
I am going, now,

if not just how
to get there


July 24

What’s in a name–

or creation?
When my friends

say yours
it makes me blush–

On my tongue
it’s like a river

or a question,

but heard
it is still a shock,

que existes!
The way they say it,

the yours
is implicit,

but from me
the yours

is more
an entreaty–

contestalo pronto,
por favor


July 21

A thick wasp waits
inside on thick plate glass

its painted abdomen
still drying

while just beyond
two hummingbirds

get violent
over the butterfly bush

but I only see beauty
now even

when there’s danger
it heightens it

I forgot how much

this world is alive
so thanks

for reminding me
and everything else–