July 13

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Just past the pier
a sea lion, briefly

and two dorsal fins
like piqued interest

very present and transient
only a few kids saw them

and exited the water
but at a certain point

there’s no longer
a point to reticence–

consider the odds
or don’t it still goes

out like a sigh, the tide
the pier stretching out

into the open Pacific
like the longest exclamation

July 9

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worse than a promise
unkept is one

not made
only implied

no lie

it rained
the evening hours

slumped into night
the difference

between dusk
and dark

said and meant
is gray and quiet

July 7

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Moody rain all along
Lake Crescent, a fresh wreck

the flares like embers–
last night we kept

the fire going until
its bitter end coaxing

and coaxing a few
more flames

until the night
consumed the beach

it is immense
the lowest tide

the endless
starless sky

no clear line
of demarcation

just soft gray nothingness
and the faintest clouds

of breath to prove
our existence

July 4

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a blue stroke
across beige paper

a river cleaves
two banks

look at this place
the contorted

red dirt roads

like open veins
and muddied waters

the stars at night
are big and bright

where does it come from
this possessiveness?

to take establishes
the precedent of loss

so choose
your hypotheticals

why don’t they, if only

then the golden door
would open

simple, easy
another girl got swept away

in the Rio Grande,
how tragic, if only–

oh happy fourth,
tell me again

about manifest destiny
how all this was surely earned

June 27

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was it the sparseness
offset by silence

or the roundness
of the number

eclipsing the rest
days, days, the lack

of antacedence
how do I begin

to formulate a response
it’s unsettled here

dry when it should
be raining

with anticipation

a bee came in
the open window

and then left
nothing happens

of course I doubt
your fortuity

June 26

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it’s still light out
early to bed

a headache all day
dull creeping thing–

absence too
spatial, temporal

the gingko trees
or the sky in between

I take it back though
there is no void

nothing is relentlessly
a thing

the streetlight comes on
a breeze stirs the leaves

thunderstorms tomorrow
no reprieve

June 23

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and then summer
turned back

into itself
gray with cool rain

and mist in the foothills
violet arcs

in the talus field
foxgloves laden

with water
and the falls

falling audibly

were it so simple
fashioning a retreat

unease even here
nothing quite dampens it

June 20

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surprising, the sun today
surprising, the sunset

dramatic on the rooftop
suffused, cinematic

and people being kind
genuinely good

it makes the worse worse
the same way presence

augments absence
the news is so bad

the night so beautiful

long notes from bitter
-plucked strings

June 19

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more sudden rain
from the rooftop

a news ticker
wraps around

high across the alley
disembodied letters

top headlines, this city
turning into glass–

impermeable, deflective
burying the lede,

ample precedent here–
furniture in the basement

of the Panama Hotel
under decades of dust

left hastily
and never retrieved

a drawer left open
a child’s homework–

internment camps
extant, planned reopenings

and someone arguing
in bad faith–

willful callowness

a cage is
a cage is a cage