May 26.6

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Everyone is gone.  The lake
has calmed, its blue belies

its depth. I’ve finally adjusted
to the hues, the surprising

softness of the landscape,
given its history of sweeping

fires. I should  try and sleep
getting on the road early,

but I can’t take my eyes off
the contrast of blue and butte,

or the recent arrival of a pair
of magpies, semaphores in flight.

I might stay up to wish upon
my cat star– it’s not all

a loss then, I’ve relearned
names, can sight them

through reckoning, at least
out here. Might be harder

in the city. No matter,
I am starting to see

trends, no need for stars
to hammer them home; 

aware what falls will
rise and what rises will fall;

e.g. am gaining practice
with declinations.



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