May 26

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I think it must be Kenmore Air
that does the run up here,

flying right over the house;
it’s clear today, and everyone

is packing up as he rattles
the panes.  I’m staying in

this heat until the last possible
moment. Have been thinking

about the vagrancies of sound;

how if you go fast enough
you travel before it, how

thunder is only closing 
a gap.  It’s still too cool

for heat lightning, but
when I next return

it may have started.  
And whatever this is,

it may have passed.
And will I miss it? As

Hemingway put it,
we’re all bitched 

from the start. 
So use it.  So I’ll

sit outside wringing 
every last drop 

as my coffee mug
attracts pale spiders 

and other insects 
too small to have 

a common name.


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