September 14

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A large dark joy of evergreen
forests, this stellar’s jay
scrapes through the gutters,
utters guttural croaks,
tossing compacted bits
of pine needles and moss
to the deck boards below,
ostensibly in search of food
but I’ve always thought
this bird is sort of a punk,
with his shock black crest
and hard-eyed stare
he says he doesn’t give
a damn, damn, damn,
until I start to get close.



  1. There’s a crow that sits on the ridge tiles of my house. He takes cherries up there to peck at and drops them, sometimes whole, mostly stones, all over my patio.
    Smart birds.


    • Smart and ornery. I had one try and fly away with my ponytail once, and it wasn’t remotely nesting season. I think it was just being a jerk!


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