September 16

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He said the elbow gets thrown after the hips,
the real power is in motion, and I could feel it

in the hit. What a class, to catalogue our hardest
points, detail vulnerabilities, elbows down,

straighten that wrist, joints opening up
like questions that should remain unasked.



  1. Some familiar sounding points here!
    Brings to mind the following;
    ‘Movement begins within and travels to the extremities’
    ‘The hands don’t lead, they are lead.’
    ‘One part moves, all parts move.’
    ‘Hardness met with softness concealing strength.’
    ‘There are no straight lines, just circles big and small, curves and ellipses, parabola…’
    ‘Momentum maintained but directed…’
    The real strength is within, not without.


    • I would add, ‘it may look simple, but it isn’t simple’ to this list… 🙂 fun to start learning this stuff though even if it’s deceptively complex


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