November 6

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The courtyard undergoes
serial dilutions, the rain

making miserable
and pooling underfoot.

There’s nothing
that can’t wait.

Or no consequence
real enough to blunt

this murk; it’s cold
by the window

but none of us move.
Even the geese

have long since
bailed, a lone

crow flies higher
than usual,

it doesn’t even look
alive, but more like

a hole, a mobile,
missing piece of sky,

and when the rain rises
the crow goes too,

or the sky fills in,
and emptiness spreads

across the courtyard
as the last few pedestrians

abandon poise and break
into a flat-out run.


  1. Feel the geese shouldn’t have bailed out so soon; they could waited just long enough to see which of the unpoised pedestrians comes out ahead 🙂


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