November 14

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Upstream, they’ve built gardens
out of marshland,

plots of leeks patrolled
by bitterns, the water

plate-glass flat, growing
brackish in summer,

précis: the color of

In town, day-drinkers float
in a sea of wicker

and ashtrays and flat-faced
dogs caught up in their leads.

Beyond the quai
the church bells toll time,

here, another passing hour
is only another train

that’s gone.
Somewhere farther

up North, the river
dumps out, in memory,

the coast was always cold.
Even on a sunny day

I never could see

just odd anglers
and birds,

with wingspans wide
as lonely hours.


  1. what do you call this type of poems with no rhymes?
    In Persian language this kind of poetry is called Sepid which means ‘white’.


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