November 29

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Morning snow
is kind snow–
clear sun, blue sky,
where exactly does
it come from?
The best gifts
have an air
of mystery
about them.


Last day–
that gallows feel
tempered by
the brightness
of the sun, care
for flood warnings
put off till tomorrow,
maybe the rivers
will recede by then.


At any given
moment, a living
thing is ahead
or behind,
I don’t think
we are ever fully
in one place, but
jitter around
a point in time
with wishes
and regret.


Snow helps–
it fixes a landscape,
this old road
is now untouched,
every step new,
the pocked tracks
we leave will be
filled in as we go–
there is no reckoning
or accounting for,
here, these gifts
are given freely.



  1. This is very beautiful nature poetry. Yes, the beauty of nature is free and it’s quite comprehensive. This poem also hints at something philosophical.Nice. I like the way you have segregated and i agree with your though about the fact that we do not exist at just one moment of time but jitter around. This is a very deep and beautiful poem filled with some deep imagery and retrospection. Loved it!!


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