January 5

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[The day]

The gray rooms
are not large enough

to hold all
that they contain,

the precedents of admits,
the recycled air

and soft TV voices
from other sides

of curtains.
And on the psych floor,

small slots
of afterlifes,

another day,
then another day,

then another day,
or sometimes not.


  1. I remember the first poem of yours I ever read, something about a family member’s home I only vaguely remember now, but one of the things that struck me was the descriptive language about the rooms and the way it evoked something deeper. Over the time I have come to know your work, I have seen such a tremendous blossoming of your gift. This poem is a powerful example for me. The first two stanzas are wonderful. There are in our lives at times “gray rooms…not large enough to hold all that they contain.” brilliantly captured. “small slots of afterlifes” and then the last two stanzas leading to the last line. I know this experience intimately. However you have done this, you have known how to capture it.

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  2. btw, as an aside, I wanted to tell you that since I go in and out of the online community depending on the rhythm of my life, it is always a great pleasure to return to read yours. And then, in a total digression, of course, I loved the owl imagery and metaphor in a couple others I caught up with : ) Take care.

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  3. Sally, I don’t think I have said enough how much I appreciate your feedback and comments. I am glad you enjoyed this poem, and that it resonated with you. And thank you for calling attention to the theme of rooms in poems… I wasn’t entirely aware of using it, but now that you point it out, it’s something I’d like to consciously explore more. Thank you!!

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