January 6

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Funny how
the fog appeared,

from nothing,
a haze

that revealed itself
as night fell,

two gradients,
both with a soft affect,

dark streets not as hard
floating under mist,

the helipad guide lights
dreamlike candy-colored orbs–

although it could be
that I am so tired

that I love everything,

just for being.
It’s a strange response–

or strange reaction,
or repercussion,

or compensation,
or reciprocation–

That. That’s probably
most apt.


  1. Your poetry is pretty good, not too flamboyant use of language, sometimes much is not so good, you are using a fairly simple language and you do poetry without being too cheesy


  2. So nice. “so tired that I love everything indiscriminately, just for being.” Perfect! And I love, love, love the repetition of end sounds in stanzas ten and eleven. The last stanza is so powerful in its simplicity and wording. Thank you.


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