January 27

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In the locker room
I talked with some girl
from hospitality, never
met her but half changed,
she brought up Manny
Pacquiao these days

which led to a stocking feet
discussion of sports
and local pride,

there was the Sonics
but we lost them,

there are the Mariners,

but not those of
my childhood, not even
the half of them, she had
a Tia who died who loved them,

and then of course
the Superbowl,

the Seahawks,the Twelves,
which used to be a joke,
so no,

it’s not nothing,
as people are pretty much
full up on loss and defeat

we both walk past the ER
every single day and at least
this is one thing we’ll all
carry together, whichever
way it goes,

and if that’s not
some sort of victory
well then, you’re crazy.

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