February 3

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The day after
the day leaving

in the early
dark the radio

DJ playing soft
songs to ease

the hangovers
even the broken

rhythm of the
rain is subdued.

I dreamed you
wrote to say

that a tsunami
almost got you

I should really
probably write

you back
and everyone

else it’s just
hard to grasp

that these daily
dull laps might

seem comforting
to someone

who isn’t
so weighted

in place,
so yes

I’m dragging
a bit but

it takes

being so long
a sail,

so suddenly
an anchor.



  1. “They also serve who stand and wait.” ==Milton. And heck, you’re a fresh westerly breeze for some of us readers. What is it about anchors? they are only released when needed? weird. Okay, you’re all of the above.


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