February 15

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Full of fog-deadened
air the forest

so still that a breath
is all that stirs,

no birds,
and I almost feel guilt

for taking one in,
so rare is the air here,

so alien the sky,
so unworldly

this morning
among the immediacy

of trunks: pine,
fir, pine, fir, fir,

pine, cedar–
I’ve only come

to set my emptiness
in a greater stretch of it,

to sit a bit somewhere
where silence is still

the rule, and yet
I’m still

the exception
even here

these lungs
and heart the tell


  1. Outstanding in it’s gorgeous entirety, one part of this in particular caught my focus: “… and I almost feel guilt/for taking one in…” 🙂


  2. “… To set my emptiness in a greater stretch of it… Yet I’m still the exception… Even here… These lungs and heart the tell.”

    Beautiful… Absolutely and utterly beautiful. The still forest emerges vividly out of the mist created by the sounds of your words.


  3. Thank you-
    Reading your words captured my attention and transported me to the nature that like you, I love. It’s just WAY too cold this moment to get out there yet. I am waiting for the temps to move possibly over 10!
    In kind from a kindred spirit in the very cold North East!


    • It’s so crazy that you are getting all that snow while the North West basically has turned into California! There’s barely even snow in the mountains here, it’s our most non-winter yet…


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