February 16

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This breeze is coming in
from somewhere

is every bit
as intentional as

this dappled sun
these lean robins

the pagan call
of the flicker

that echoes
from the maples

what we all

already know
slowly but surely

color is returning
to this world


    • If it’s any consolation, not have a winter on the west coast just means that everything will be on fire come summer… but for now I will selfishly enjoy this balmy February day. Hang in there!

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  1. Just as the snow was starting to fall here in VA yesterday, I noticed both cardinals and robins whizzing through the backyard at the same time. Even as the ceiling is dropping in on us, the tables are turning.


  2. Well, it’s 72 here in Austin, he says smugly. But it’s only going to reach 69 tomorrow… Alas, winter is slated to return on Monday, with the high in the mid-30s. But spring is nigh!


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