March 9

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Along the interstate
just more flat towns

pinned in place
by overtly-worded

then nothing

and the cows
that live there


this landscape
is too verbose

for a country idyll–
come here

for salvation
or call this lawyer–


grim gun-metal birds
hawks peregrines

ghost over the lanes
using us as cover

life always finding a way
to take another


a new town
appears now

no it’s no different
than the last



  1. This is vivid imagery and gives me an insight into a part of America (where I have not yet visited). It reminds me of some of the descriptions in Bill Bryson’s book The Lost Continent. Really enjoyed it. Loved it’s sparsity of expression – reflecting the landscape.

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  2. you are so good; this reminded me of some of the works that Allen Ginsberg recorded on his new portable tape recorder which he bought with the money from Howl as he travelled across America …


    • which only goes to demonstrate how long the American interstate system has been vividly depressing…


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