April 20

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I know it’s a glacial lake
hence the hue–

unearthly erethral
more green than

blue I had seen
photos imagined it

for days and when
I went it looked

the same but
of course different

it’s a trick
being too well-versed

in imagination
I sometimes think

I know every thing
but then the tell

like some alpine

swimming out past
the wreck of

some half
-submerged log

casting tiny

minuscule shadows
but what a delight–

and the heard
not seen avalanches

cascading off
a semi-distant peak

all at once both sharp
and dull and I know

there’s still room
in this heart of mine

but oh what a ways
I go these days

to find


  1. toievi says

    Revealing deep of thought, such thought know the way to find the meaningful truth through life experiences, A great self reflection Poem.


  2. “heard not seen”… just one of the great inventions of this poem…you reach what I always crave for: humility AND epic, strong as a drumbeat AND delicate as a “wingbeat”. Your words aren’t but tiny river pebbles, but they keep echoing as you let them fall on some cathedral’s ground…


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