April 26

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To fill a void
one must first

it exists–

and failing
that expansion

must go outward

highway 2
at dawn

a woman possessed
but even at

these new falls
bigger than the last falls

even with their
most conclusive roar

and electric moss
rocks and clean air

I still think here
here’s where

that hiker fell in
and went over

yes nature giving
but yes nature taking

away even at the lake
the clouds never burned

off chilly
and hesitating

and so we parted ways
earlier than expected


  1. Daniel, You would be surprised how many voids you can fill without knowing it, or how many you might carry with you thinking you’re carrying something entirely else. Or maybe you would not be surprised, but acknowledging voids one can in fact fill is not entirely common.

    C, I tried to like this one again since you haven’t posted for today. But the best I can do is unlike it and then like it. Which is kind of like creating a void, and then filling it–but besides being pretty uncommon, it would also be kind of stupid of me to do.

    Which doesn’t mean I haven’t done it. Already, a few times.

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