June 9

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It’s hard to fill up this much space,
or loathsome to try.  Another day

of crisp blue sky, and that feeling
of having been here before,

or more like a premonition
of a memory, a medley,

vagueness and clarity,
the patterns under trees,

delineated shadows of leaves
and the breeze, only one

seen directly, the other
inferred, and this

is what
preoccupies me–



  1. Your poetry is so easy to relate to – I feel there isn’t a soul out there who has this vague sense of sunny blue skies, the same trees day after day – like it’ll never go away.


  2. It’s mm mm good ( : P)
    Loving your summertime poetry. I like the interplay of the concepts of premonition and memory. It’s thought provoking, and rings true.


    • mm mm good is my kind of compliment 🙂 I am still trying to perfectly pin down that perfect summer day feeling — glad this poem is on the right track


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