July 8, (or, a response to the request that I stop writing poems about the ocean)

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or love, death, or nature in general… 


Only five percent
of the ocean floor

is mapped.
The rest is unknown—

a deep subconscious
we crawled out of, once,

and return to
as foreigners,

except for the salt
in our blood,

and like some half
-remembered song,

our strange
capacity for floating—



  1. I just read that post! I suppose this is a new poem about the ocean. I didn’t see any ‘blue’ in it. 🙂 It is, though, a lovely poem.


    • Thank you! Although I did straight up use the word “cerulean” in another poem, and about love no less– the horror!

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      • Oh my! Capital sin! Hahaha. I have always heard the argument on love poems, death poems and ocean poems as being trite, but then the human soul continues to seek for those to connect with. I wrote a poem about te ocean using every shade of blue i knew…more horror.

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  2. moosha23 says

    Burn! Most of us love, love, love your ocean poems. ^.^ Besides, you can write anything you want – they’re all beautiful pieces.


  3. Very excited that I got to make a wordpress account after all…Now I can comment to all these blogs that I have been digging quietly all these years. I love your work, and it’s so nice this poem, and reading about the ocean as seen from various perspectives in different poems. If someone told my boyfriend to stop writing about the ocean, he’d probably murder them at once (maybe you would like his work too).

    Anyway. Avid reader of yours here, dropping by to express appreciation! 🙂


    • Thank you for stopping by! I had a similar sentiment to your boyfriend, as you can see 🙂


  4. *mic drop*

    No blue, seagulls, waves, OR sand! How did you DO IT! But seriously though, a good poem will not be “about” a thing but rather draw connections between that thing and something(s) else.

    Well done, as always. 🙂


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  6. e n t a n g l e d l y r i c s says

    i stumbled upon this as i was writing of struggling..and floating today. love it. a lot.


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