July 10

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(The ocean poem is dead. Long live the ocean poem!)

Oh what havoc
a hurricane can wreck,

loosing stairs from houses,
houses from stairs, lifting

and carrying away years
of construction

to some arbitrary location
and then burying all the roads.

Of course, the map
is not the territory,

and this is not a poem
about the ocean,

it’s just, this time
I am certain

as a storm surge,
and so also irrevocable—

it’s like Neruda said,
the tide goes no, and then no,

and no, and no, and 



  1. chadpuginmc12 says

    Really love your work and your vibrations you send off is powerful #respect……hope you have a blissful day


  2. Please write about the ocean forever! Amazing and moving sense of destruction but in a way that felt like a tumultuous yet much needed cleansing.


    • Thanks, Jesse! It is amazing to go out the day after a hurricane– the destruction is horrifying but in a way it can be surreally beautiful


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