July 21.1

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A tenuous rain,
or maybe it’s terse

is giving me

grief today.
I feel empty,

in both the
sense of hollow

and hungry
and contain

enough hard reversals
that I am as much

a contronym
as refrain,

or apology
persistently ceasing,

sorry I’m not


  1. This is the first of your poems I have read, and when I finished I had the sensation of, “Yes. That’s exactly how I feel today.” I love it when a poet can express an illusive feeling for me that I couldn’t quite nail down myself. Thank you for your eloquence, I look forward to reading your future work!

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    • I love it, as a poet, when I can actually manage to express my elusive feelings– glad this spoke to you, as well, and thanks for stopping by!


  2. I’ve missed following your posts. It doesn’t help that the ‘like’ button has disappeared from my reader too. ‘Like’.


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