July 24

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What’s in a name–

or creation?
When my friends

say yours
it makes me blush–

On my tongue
it’s like a river

or a question,

but heard
it is still a shock,

que existes!
The way they say it,

the yours
is implicit,

but from me
the yours

is more
an entreaty–

contestalo pronto,
por favor


  1. livingwithpolarbears says

    Hola! Your latest poem made me think of the yearning in Soha’s Mil Pasos song for some reason! In Islam the name is the first gift you give your child and it is redolent of destiny, so you should give good ones as they are powerful! 🙂

    I love the clean layout and the poetry. My next post is going to be a poem I wrote last month, but I am rubbish at aligning them into stanzas. Total newbie. Could you help? I’d love if you could follow me and look out for it. Thanks, Pola.

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    • Thank you, Pola! To be honest, one of the main reasons I write in couplets of sorts is a hatred of trying to format poetry, particularly on wordpress. But I think as long as the form is not distracting from the poem it’s fine. Unless the form is supposed to be distracting, of course. Maybe I am not the poet to ask for formatting advice… 🙂 Went to check out your blog and wasn’t able to access it, but would love to check it out if it re-appears!


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