October 20

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A quiet morning, so few people
are awake, or so few

advertise it, it must
have just rained but now

it’s a lull, just some
wind and fragmented

gulls blowing over
an empty lot


The sky has a tenor
to it, all this year

it’s been later
than it seems

and now there’s no
denying it–

we’ve been here
before at home

under the oppressive
cloud layer


Somehow it’s a comfort
to wake and to stay

watching tiny up-street
figures with detachment

and pity
we inhabit two different

mornings mine rests
centered in place

a hesitant ship
looking out at a storm


  1. October 20 is my birthday. With its elegant somberness and wistfulness, you have been able to capture my inner world on so many occassions. “…just some / wind and fragmented // gulls blowing over / an empty lot” is as piercing as lulls over the page.

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  2. I’m always in awe of your hard work with these poems, of your talent. This is really a beautiful piece. You should send this one out if you haven’t already.

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    • Thank you for your encouraging words– am pretty burned out on the submission process but will consider this one if I ever return to it 🙂

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