November 10

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Rain like lace. I hate this weather
for its consistency.

My heart is temperamental
as a leaf, it turns

and turns and drops
at anything. Scientists think

that red pigments lower
the freezing point of leaves,

keep them viable for longer
with the heat of anger. Or,

having fallen, that anthocyanins
leach out to poison

the roots of any competition—
such ugliness begat

by beauty.
And at the base

of every leaf, an abscission
layer, for cold-induced

dehiscence, the tree closing off
from what it once needed.

Deciduous. Deciduous, meaning
jealous of permanence,

but it’s getting so cold out—
The seal begins to form.



  1. excellent; the language of science closing around the open wound, clinic-clean words ignoring the raw flesh of solitariness; truly an addendum to Plath’s elm


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