January 18

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All these words are easy
to write: In the grove,

purple orchids delve into air,
t night, the squat palm by the door

is a fistful of feathers.
But you, mi amor—

Bird calls bubbling, water
around a drain, even inland

from Hanelei the world is water, 
breezes like rain among fat

rubber leaves. 
I sit and watch
stray cats prowl beneath

the lanai like soft gray
afterthoughts, impervious

to my calls. All day, big waves,
heard even from the taro fields.

Some things remain
comfortably beyond me.



  1. *sighs*. My favourite bit was how the cats are like afterthoughts. They have a way of sneaking up on you, This is lovely. What a musical word, ‘Hanelei’ like the word for a farewell or a woman’s name. Thank you. 🙂


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