September 15

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It comes in threes
and here’s the third,

bad news couched
in benign words,

no, pareidolia–
man in the moon, Jesus

in a breadloaf,
such a hunger

for finding something,
anything, even terror.

You asked what you should say.
Nearby is the country

they call life
you will know it

by its seriousness.
Rilke. I don’t know,

nor do I want to, really.
Give me your hand.


  1. Excellent–great topic and “pareidolia”–great word!! And, melding that with a Rilke reference and quote–perfect!! Great work! (Now, I may have to write a poem on our pareidolic bias as well! LOL!)


      • Ok, threw this together this morning:

        Pareidolia Paranoia

        Synaptic flashes in the cerebral cortex
        Burn association by juxtaposition such that it MUST
        Have meaning. I need to play that number!!

        Symbolic savants—we are
        Completely immersed by the totally transparent
        Effects on how we assimilate all of life.

        We can’t not fall prey to the granddaddy of
        All conspiracies—that everything happens for
        A reason.

        We float through life seeking purpose—there MUST
        Be a purpose to it all. So we jam the jagged
        Puzzle pieces of a thousand different differential
        Equations together into a jumbled, chaotic
        Mass and smile knowingly that all is
        Right because that Great Anthropomorph in the
        Sky says it is.

        No matter how non-linear our system, our
        Pareidolic bias to see what is NOT there is our
        Greatest amaurosis.

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      • pareidolic bias as an amaurosis, interesting way of putting it, seeing something unreal as a sort of blindness. I like it! Also happy to learn the term amaurosis, I think I have experienced it standing up once or twice (ack)

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