November 15

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Motion doesn’t always
lead to rest.

An impression of earning,
but the statement doesn’t lie.

Derivation of softness,
clemency. First declension:

Feminine nouns only,
and pirate, farmer, poet,

and charioteer–
from the Greek: I do, I lead, I drive. 

It must be the tether,
the bridle, the ties

that bind. The statelessness.
Whose earth is this?

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s.
James Brown. Epecticus:

It is neither wrong
nor right to carve

the night sky into hours
and arcs. Prediction,

not prediliction;
declination, right ascension.

Distant rain across
an unseen lake. Falling

as arriving, and other
false statements. To cultivate

is to prepare, to sow, to try
to acquire. No thing

promised. But assumption
inherent in any equation. What

are the values? What
are the terms? And who

gives way
to keep the balance?

To fulfill expectation
requires no exact

measurement: Expand
until more empty

space than self.
State change. Statehood,

stoicism. The bit,
it goes between your teeth.


  1. This is a superb piece of work: lots and lots of shallow steps that each allow a walk-step before the next step down; or up …; floating high above the rainforest to see the rifts in the land, space in the sky, and also down on the land, the banks down to the river – bird calls; and then Trump is in there with the tags! What just went on there?

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved to add a piece to my ‘others’ page; thank you C –

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  2. Thank you!! There were more pointed Trump references in a prior draft 🙂 likely to return in future pieces…. and thank you for sharing your “other’s” page, looking forward to reading what you have curated


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