February 15

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Winter, continued
tea and quince paste

on toast, hard rain
all afternoon

weariness, dilutional
a taste of Spain

the label says
I’ve never been

a dream dredged up
on a cold mid-week day

in an empty break room
in this damp gray state



  1. Is quince paste as sour as natural quince, or sweeter? This seems to be the most pungent part of the contemplative grey mood you’ve built and I was just wondering. x


    • membranillo is very sweet, and pairs nicely with manchego or another tangy aged cheese. Which is an excellent menu for a grey, contemplative day. Also, fig jam… mmmm 🙂


      • Hmm. Thank you for the tip. I wear fig perfume as it happens! Prefer them dried to fresh. Foodie love in, haha.


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