May 13

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Flower moon milk moon
strange weather

these days
which came first

the sun or all
this rain

the gingko come back
overnight it seems

or maybe I’ve
been away

wet footings
insubstantial sleep


flower moon milk moon
must exert some tide

some pull a dream
some days can seem

more real but still

electric green
leaves convulsing

in the wind
thunder predicted

and waiting as giving


milk moon flower moon
what sort of stupid

names the moon is a cold
dead rock held fixed

in place in space
by solveable equations

this spring succor
contrived I suppose

and the white sand line
at low tide nothing like

exposed bone or tendon
manufactured exquisiteness

and waiting as taking


flower moon milk moon
lost on a drive back

a change of direction
and it fell off the horizon



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