July 18

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a thirst and that way
weariness rests

just outside the eyes-
another rainless day

sun on green glass
oh the height of it all

a seagull seems
to fly low

here the trees
seem out of place

set pieces
this room

is mostly window
and open space

but some things
you just can’t fake

this song progresses
through common chords

characterize everything
as a wait

it sure doesn’t feel like arrival
nobody’s fault but mine

wine, and a summer
more than half gone–

what can I say?
the sky is perfect

this sky is perfect
it shames me for feeling

anything less
than joy



  1. We had a thunderstorm yesterday in the early evening and then again later, it was the most tremendous relief. I know too much about ‘rainless days’ which in England are more than usually troubling to the psyche if they go on for too long. Thank you for this offering. ~ P ~

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      • That is what we often observe between ourselves meteorologically dear C, we get our weather fronts from you. Why is there no such thing as weather “backs” I wonder? ~ P ~


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